Livability Lab 4.0 Community Action Teams


Livability Lab, also known as Muskegon County's 100 day challenge, is a yearly event with a goal to improve livability in Muskegon county, Michigan.

Livability Lab is more than just a challenge; it's a community-driven movement transforming Muskegon County. This innovative initiative goes beyond doctors' offices, recognizing that 80% of personal health is shaped by real-world factors. For the fourth year, residents have joined forces, forming action teams to tackle pressing issues. Harnessing the collective power of everyday experts – individuals with unique knowledge, skills, and professions. The Lab focuses on five key elements: economic opportunity, health, safety & security, education, and social connection & trust.

While 100 days may seem fleeting, they unlock tremendous potential. Teams identify critical problems, make measurable headway, and achieve "small wins" that pave the way for lasting change. Livability Lab empowers residents to shape their community's future, ensuring a brighter, more livable Muskegon County for all.

The 2023 community action team includes

Team #1: Language Access Plans
Team #2: Muskegon County Storehouse
Team #3: Community Farms & Gardens
Team #4: Medical Debt
Team #5: Penpal Chat
Team #6: Birthing Justice Screening
Team #7: On the Spectrum Gathering Place
Team #8: Muskegon Heights Trail Connection
Team #9: Tutors for Students
Team #10 and #14: Student Loan Debt Education and Student Financial Literacy
Team #11: Transportation Millage
Team #12: Behavioral Health Urgent Care
Team #13: Confronting Gentrification
Team #15: Filipino Tradition & Culture Exhibit
Team #16: Detox Center
Youth Teams: Transportation, Fun Violence Prevention and Substance Abuse

Learn more at, be sure to join them next year.

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