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Myers School House Dedication Sparta

Dan Salas of visited the one room school house Myers School in Sparta, MI

Maple Suryp Competition 2022 with the Alpine Township Historical Commission

Alpine Township Historical Commission sponsored the West Michigan Maple Syrup competition at the research center Sunday April 24 2022 things got a little sticky deciding the second place winners. The judges had to much fun sampling 12 entries from around West Michigan.

Dia de la Mujer MSU Lansing Michigan 2022

Michigan State University hosted the 25th" Dia de la Mujer" conference at Kellogg Center, Lansing, Michigan on April 16 2022. Dia de la Mujer is Spanish for Day Of The Women, it's an annual Leadership and Empowerment Conference hosted by Michigan State University. For more information visit

2022 Cesar E Chavez Memorial Event Grand Rapids Michigan

2022 Cesar E Chavez "March" at Grand Rapids, Michigan's Potter's house. The weather didn't dampen the spirit of Cesar E Chavez legacy, his grandson visited West Michigan to honor his grandfather's memory. Inclement weather cancelled the outdoor march as the event moved indoor.

On The Michigan Road Rewind - Mackinac Bridge rewinds back to the 80's with Dick Evans and Dan Salas's "On The Michigan Road", their trip to the top of the world in Michigan Big Mac.

Visiting Tahquamenon Falls

Dan Salas of visited Michigan's Tahquamenon Falls in the fall of 2021. Enjoy the fall colors of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

West Michigan Tornado 1956

in 1956 a severe Tornado went thru Sagatuck, Holland, Hudsonville, Standale and Walker in West Michigan causing major damage and loss of life.This video is a reminder of the Mother Nature's fury and the possibilities of it happening again.

Cliff Dayton Refurbish Windmills In Sparta

Cliff Dayton is a Windmill collector and refurbish-er in Sparta, Michigan. Dan Salas from paid him a visit and learn about his very unusual backyard.

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