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rokuChannel 96 Muskegon is the PEG - Public, Educational, Government Access TV Channel serving Comcast Muskegon on Ch. 96 (Ch 915, Ch 1088),, Amazon Fire TV-Stick and ROKU. We strive to provide relevant local contents, got something you want to air? Contact us. Channel 96 Muskegon is a part of O'Riley Media Group, locally owned and operated.

For administration, please contact us here or on facebook.
For technical difficulities, please contact us here or also on facebook.


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Q: How Come I cannot get Channel 96 through Cable TV at home?
A: - Be sure you are living in the Comcast Muskegon Market, this channel is part of the basic cable package.
    - Also try Channel 915 and Channel 1088
    - Contact Comcast and schedule an in-home service call.
    - In the mean time, enjoy what we offer online through this website or on our ROKU and Fire TV Channels in HD.

Q: How do I find you on Fire TV Or Roku?
A: Search for "Channel 96 Muskegon"

Q: Why is new content is not showing up instantly on my Roku or Amazon Fire TV?
A: We have no control over how often those device update our feed, please be patience and try at a later time.

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