10-10-23 City Of Muskegon Commission Meeting

October 10th, 2023, 5:30 pm
Muskegon City Hall
933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI 49440

   1.    Call To Order

   2.    Prayer

   3.    Pledge of Allegiance

   4.    Roll Call

   5.    Honors, Awards, and Presentations

          5.a     Memorial for Hope Griffith

         5.b      Recognition of Steve Hammond - Inspector of the Year

   6.    Public Comment on Agenda Items

   7.    Consent Agenda
      7.a    Approval of Minutes - City Clerk

      7.b    LIHWAP (Low Income Household Water Assistance Program) Agreement Extension -

      7.c    Final Approval of the Flock LPR Deployment - Public Safety

      7.d    Samaritas Payment if Lieu of Taxes (PILOT Agreement) - Development Services

      7.e    Samaritas Municipal Services Agreement - Development Services

      7.f    Spire Development, Allen Crossing PILOT Agreement - Development Services

      7.g    Spire Development, Allen Crossing Municipal Services Agreement - Development Services

      7.h    Spire Development, Amity Commons PILOT Agreement - Development Services

       7.i   Spire Development, Amity Commons Municipal Services Agreement - Development Services

       7.j   Sale of 1530 Hoyt Street - City Manager's Office

      7.k    Sale of 1647 Terrace Street - City Manager's Office

       7.l   Arena Solar Exemption Certificate Transfer - DPW

      7.m    City Hall Seagull Control System - DPW (Building Maintenance)

      7.n    Fireworks Agreement - Parks & Recreation

      7.o    Amendment to Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee Sec. 58-62 - City Clerk

      7.p    Parks & Rec Advisory Committee - Member Representing Muskegon Public Schools

 8.   Public Hearings

      8.a    Establishment of an Industrial Development District - Beacon Recycling, 1241 East Keating -
             Economic Development

      8.b    Lakeside BID Special Assessment Tax Roll Approval - Economic Development

 9.   Unfinished Business

10.   New Business

      10.a    City ARPA Community Grant - Pioneer Resources, Inc. - Manager's Office
      10.b    PRO Housing Grant Leverage Funds - Economic Development/CNS

      10.c    Parks & Rec Advisory Committee - Chair Appointment

11.   Any Other Business

12.   Public Comment on Non-Agenda items

13.   Closed Session

      13.a    City Manager's Evaluation

14.   Adjournment
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