07-25-23 City Of Muskegon Commission Meeting

July 25th, 2023, 5:30 pm
Muskegon City Hall
933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI 49440

   1.    Call To Order

   2.    Prayer

   3.    Pledge of Allegiance

   4.    Roll Call

   5.    Honors, Awards, and Presentations

          5.a     MCC Student Recognition

   6.    Public Comment on Agenda Items

   7.    Consent Agenda

          7.a     Approval of Minutes - City Clerk
      7.b    MML Workers' Compensation Fund Board Ballot

      7.c    Tax Foreclosure City Property Acquisition 2023 - Economic Development

      7.d    Deputy City Manager Contract - Manager's Office

      7.e    AT&T Lease Agreement Renewal - DPW

      7.f    Water Supply System Bonds - Finance

      7.g    Sanitary Sewer Collection System Bonds - Finance

      7.h    Update to Paid Parking Policy - Manager's Office

 8.   Public Hearings

      8.a    Creation of a Redevelopment Area District - Planning

 9.   Unfinished Business

10.   New Business

      10.a    Issuance of a Redevelopment Area Liquor License at 350 W. Western Ave - Planning

11.   Any Other Business

12.   Public Comment on Non-Agenda items

13.   Closed Session

14.   Adjournment
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