06-27-23 City Of Muskegon Commission Meeting

June 27, 2023, 5:30 pm
Muskegon City Hall
933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI 49440

   1.    Call To Order

   2.    Prayer

   3.    Pledge of Allegiance

   4.    Roll Call

   5.    Honors, Awards, and Presentations

   6.    Public Comment on Agenda Items

   7.    Consent Agenda

          7.a     Approval of Minutes - City Clerk

         7.b      Arena Concessions - Finance/Arena
      7.c    Rezoning of 1043 Washington Avenue - Planning

      7.d    Approval of contract for Mediation & Restorative Services - Planning

      7.e    MEDC RAP 1.0 Grant - Development Services

      7.f    MEDC RAP 2.0 Grant - Development Services

      7.g    End of Year Budget Amendment - Finance

      7.h    Real Estate Purchase Agreement for The Splash Pad - Downtown Muskegon Development
             Center No. 2, Association and the City of Muskegon - Economic Development

       7.i   Transfer of Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Exemption Certificate #3-016-0027 from P & G
             Holdings NY, LLC to the new owners, Shaw QOZB2, LLC - Economic Development

       7.j   Contract Award - City Hall Boiler Replacement - Public Works

      7.k    Water and Sewer Systems Debt Service Fee - Public Works

       7.l   DWRF Lead Water Line Engineering - Public Works

      7.m    EGLE Brownfield Loan Application - City of Muskegon and the Meadows LLC - Economic

      7.n    EGLE Brownfield Loan Application - Downtown Development Authority, Parkland Properties
             of Michigan, 965 W. Western Ave., 920 & 930 Washington Ave. - Economic Development

 8.   Public Hearings

      8.a    Brownfield Plan Amendment, 880 1st Street, 216 West Clay Avenue - Economic Development

 9.   Unfinished Business

      9.a    Transmittal of 2023-24 Proposed Budget - Finance

10.   New Business

      10.a    Distribution of Master Plan to Notice Group - Planning

11.   Any Other Business

12.   Public Comment on Non-Agenda items

13.   Closed Session
14.   Adjournment
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