03-14-23 City Of Muskegon Commission Meeting

March 14th, 2023, 5:30 pm
Muskegon City Hall
933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI 49440

1. Call To Order

2. Prayer

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Roll Call

5. Honors, Awards, and Presentations

5.a Bring it to the Table - Muskegon Community College

6. Public Comment on Agenda Items

7. Consent Agenda

7.a Approval of Minutes - City Clerk
7.b Rules of the City Commission - City Clerk

7.c Sale of 363 McLaughlin Avenue - City Manager's Office

7.d Sale of 304 McLaughlin Avenue - City Manager's Office

7.e Sale of 269 Catherine Avenue - City Manager's Office

7.f Fire Truck Equipment - Public Safety

7.g Farmers Market Rates - City Clerk

7.h Amend Ordinance Chapter 6, Animals - City Manager's Office

7.i Ordinance to Establish Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee - Department of Public Works

7.j 1095 Third Street Termination of Purchase Agreement - Economic Development

7.k On-Premise Tasting Room Permit for Rake Beer Project, LLC - City Clerk

7.l USACE Right of Entry for Sewer Repair - Department of Public Works

7.m McGraft Community Building Roof Replacement - Department of Public Works

7.n Consumers Easement at Water Filtration Plant - Department of Public Works

7.o Aggregates, Maintenance Materials & Concrete - Department of Public Works

7.p Olthoff Drive Grant Agreement - Department of Public Works

7.q 1st Amendment to the Temporary Water Operator Agreement with Muskegon Heights - City

8. Public Hearings

8.a Recommendation for Annual Renewal of Liquor Licenses - City Clerk

8.b Public Hearing-Brownfield Plan Amendment, 2nd Amendment, Adelaide Pointe QOZB, LLC -
Development Services

9. Unfinished Business

9.a Housing Board of Appeals Demolition - 835 W. Forest - Public Safety

10. New Business
10.a Housing Board of Appeals Demolitions - 1420 S. Getty Street, 1101 Spring Street - Public

10.b 2nd Quarter Budget Reforecast - Finance

10.c 2nd Amendment, Brownfield Development & Reimbursement Agreement, Adelaide Pointe
QOZB, LLC - Development Services

10.d 1095 Third Street Proposal Reviews - Economic Development

11. Any Other Business

12. Public Comment on Non-Agenda items

13. Closed Session

14. Adjournment


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