Filipino Culture Presentation and Exhibit 2023


Myrna Olsen and the West Michigan Filipino American Arts and Culture Group, took the stage today to illuminate the rich tapestry of Filipino culture and its profound impact on Filipino Americans. Her presentation was a captivating voyage through a vibrant heritage woven from pre-colonial traditions, Spanish and American influences, and a mosaic of indigenous communities.

This rich heritage, shaped by pre-colonial traditions, Spanish and American colonization, and diverse indigenous communities, finds expression in various aspects of life. The speaker delved into the importance of education, tracing its evolution from ancestral practices to the modern education system. The melodious strains of Filipino music, influenced by both Eastern and Western traditions, filled the air, while breathtaking dance performances showcased the vibrant spirit of the islands. Flavors danced on the tongue as she mentioned beloved dishes like pansit, lechon, and lumpia shanghai, each a testament to the culinary crossroads that is Filipino cuisine. Even language bore witness to the cultural tapestry, with Tagalog and English weaving in threads of Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.

Shifting focus to the Filipino American experience, the speaker acknowledged the significant and diverse Filipino American population in the United States. However, she also addressed the concerning trend of chronic health issues, particularly diabetes and hypertension, prevalent among this community. Factors like dietary habits, genetic predisposition, and cultural influences were explored as potential contributors. While highlighting the crucial role Filipino nurses play in the US healthcare system, she brought attention to the challenges they face, including overwork and the emotional toll of the pandemic.

Conveying the importance of understanding and appreciating Filipino culture's significant contributions to American society, the speaker concluded her presentation with a call for further research and tailored interventions to address the health concerns faced by Filipino Americans. Laughter, personal anecdotes, traditional music and dance, and audience interaction all wove together to create a vibrant tapestry of knowledge and empathy, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Find out more about the partnering agencies for this program:
Muskegon Health Equity Council,   Access Health,   Livability Lab of Muskegon County,   Community Foundation of Muskegon County, and Muskegon Area District Library

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