Understanding Human Trafficking For Youth

Understanding Human Trafficking #DoSomethingLHTTF
Education is power. Educate our youth on human trafficking, victims will be  prevented, the demand will decrease, people will make wiser choices, and those who have been exploited will get the help they so desperately need. 


The video is targeted to Middle and High School students. You may be thinking, “Isn’t this  a heavy topic for Middle School students?” Sadly, trafficking can happen to those as young as 11 years old and even younger. The Hope Project in Muskegon has worked with survivors of sex trafficking this age. In  fact, The Hope Project has worked with many youth in West Michigan who were victims of sex trafficking. And yes, they were and are attending our schools. In the video you will hear from Elizabeth McCain of Farm Worker Legal Services, DJ Hilson - Muskegon County Prosecutor, Detective Trooper Gladney of Michigan State Police, Professional Basketball Trainer Tyler Ingalls, Survivors of Sex Trafficking, and the Lakeshore Human Trafficking Task Force Teens. 

The Lakeshore Human Trafficking Task Force (LHTTF) is made up of multiple local agencies and community members. They provide a comprehensive response to human trafficking in Muskegon County and surrounding  areas. Their goals are to prevent, educate, respond, support, and connect. To learn more about the task force, visit LHTTF.org . This project was made possible with funds from the Muskegon Community Foundation.

An O'Riley Media Group Prodcution for The Lakeshore Human Trafficking Task Force

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