45 Years of Service From Every Woman's Place in Muskegon


45 years is a long time to be there for anything, and when it comes to 45 years for an essential service that's also a non profit that provides help for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking it's a true statement about the leadership and passion behind the mission of the organization.  2020 marks just that milestone for Every Woman's Place of Muskegon.  


It's been an evolution.  What started all those years ago with the guidance of the original Executive Director Beverly Geyer was not only a refuge for those seeking relief from the hands of an abuser, but it was also an organization that had to educate agencies engaged in the process, policy makers and the community of the dynamics that domestic abuse entails and how to best treat the whole situation as opposed to just removing the woman from a situation until things cool off and then have the cycle repeat.  It was a massive undertaking and while no one thought they were developing a "quick fix" for the issue, what's come of the long term of Every Woman's Place has been an asset to Muskegon for generations. ewp 45 auctionAuction to Benefit Every Woman's Place

The 45th Anniversary Celebration is filled with community members who support the agency with their time, talent and treasure.  They discuss why the work of Every Woman's Place is so important to them as well as our community.  Then we hear from Beverly Geyer who was the first Executive Director all those years ago, and finally, the most powerful piece...the survivor stories.  Those who have reached the point where they had to ask for a hand and when they did, they found first hand that the power of love in a caring community was right there for them every step of the way. 

The presentation is powerful and the support and stories will touch your heart.  You'll find WAYS TO GIVE at the bottom of the article after the video, but take a look at the presentation of the 45th Anniversary of Every Woman's Place in Muskegon.  We're proud to support their mission of changing lives. 






It's quite a story and quite a community backing such an important cause.  I think anyone would agree that if Every Woman's Place was not needed, it would be ok.  But the harsh reality is, it's needed more than ever and the support given to those who seek the help of Every Woman's Place is a reflection off all of us in Muskegon.  We are a good and caring community that's seen this incredible agency through 4 and a half decades of service to all, and over the next 4 and half, they will continue to be there every step of the way for victims of domestic abuse.

If you'd like to help Every Woman's Place, please click below to visit their website.  You'll find their donation page where you can set up the recurring donation Elisa talked about at the end of the video and if you'd like to participate in the online auction, you can CLICK HERE to get your bids in on some incredible items from great local business that have contributed to help.  

every womans place logo


A special thanks to goes out to the sponsors of this great occasion for Every Woman's Place.  Please remember these business and their stewardship of those in need in our community if you need their goods or services.

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