The Muskegon Area District Library - Free Wi-Fi For All at 10 Muskegon County Locations and More

   Snappy headline right?  Nothing better than hearing news that's not only helpful, it won't cost you a penny to make best use of it and it's a service that's available 24/7 and it's available in parts of Muskegon that you couldn't get it any other way!  The Muskegon Area District Library has high speed free Wi-Fi available for use at all 10 of their countywide locations and you can access it from your car, maybe a nice bench on the outside of the building or in some cases, the signal is so strong, you can pick it up down the street! 



That in and of itself is a welcome relief to 1000's of people in Muskegon County.  There are so many people who need a hand to get through to the state for things like unemployment filing, services, licensing and more...and the phones are nearly impossible.  While you can't get in to a library building at the time, access to all of their online access has been amped up to reach well outside the building and give you the help.  Laptop, tablet, phone...whatever you have handy, pull up, log on and go!  The MADL has you covered. madl vanMADL on Facebook

While we're talking about the library, you know by now too that the library is so much more than books right?  The MADL is a media super center.  Plenty of traditional books for entertainment and reference of course, which according to MADL Director Kelly Richards will be part of the fist phase of their reopening soon...more on that in our discussion below.  The MADL has all kind of online resources too with movies you can stream for free, to books you can check out for your Kindle or other device.  They are also extending their programming to newer platforms for the library too!  Story time available online for kids!  Yes, library staffers on social media reading to kids, just like they would in a library setting.  They are working too to provide music programming soon.  How about traditional "librarian stuff"?  Ha!  You thought there was a gotcha moment?  Nope!  The MADL has email response services open and ready should you need the expert hand of someone who knows what they are doing in and around a library! 

The Muskegon Area District Library is an all encompassing resource for Muskegon County and as mentioned, we sat down today to talk with Director Kelly Richards about their outreach for all of us and how you can make best use of everything they have!  It's a lot, take a listen!   

The free Wi-Fi access alone is simply amazing!  Combine that with a very forward thinking staff and the quick action to adapt to what's needed for the time, and it's pretty easy to see why the Muskegon community is served so well by all 10 of our Muskegon Area District Library locations.  If you need the internet, it's right there.  If you need entertainment, they have it.  Need a place to park your kids while they are being home schooled while you grab a few minutes of sanity?  How about online story time on their social media?  We're so fortunate to have a community partner like the Muskegon Area District Library.  Click on that image below and if you don't have an MADL card yet, get it...and get to it!  Our thanks to Kelly Richards for joining us today for the chat.

MADL 750x160 040920 1

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