MATS Route Study - A Presentation of Possibilities For Transportation

 On Wednesday at the Sturrus Center in Downtown Muskegon, a presentation was made to talk about the different options for the future of the Muskegon Area Transit System and how it can be better shaped to work within the budget it's has, which currently, it tends to go over with some regularity. 

It's an essential system and a service that a community the size of the Muskegon Metropolitan Area needs to have, but it's also very important to make sure that it's run in a healthy manner and able to be sustainable for the long term and not run so far in to the red that it can't operate.  It's a very hard set of circumstances and it's taken a lot of time, research and insight to come up with some ideas that will help MATS work within the budget and provide equal or improved service for all of the community. mats fb 2Follow MATS on Facebook

The Muskegon Channel was asked to come and broadcast this meeting for those who could not attend.  We carried this meeting live on multiple platforms including The Muskegon Channel, our Facebook live and our Comcast Channel 96 platform which we manage for the City of Muskegon so anyone who had interest in what was being said and couldn't make it to last nights meeting could hear what was being talked about.  We thank you for watching live if you did and you'll find the on demand replay below.  

Do keep in mind.  This is a preliminary meeting to discuss options.  All of what was presented last night has to go back to discussion among the County Commission and be given time and opportunity for public input and no decisions were made from this meeting.  This is only a look at the work done by Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning for the County of Muskegon.  As time goes on, we will do all we can to follow up with the progress of this initial discussion to help you stay informed as to what's happening.  This is important to all who rely on public transportation in Muskegon. 


You'll find the links to the Muskegon Area Transit System below and if you want to follow them on Facebook, please use the link in the middle of the page for the most up to the minute information on the upcoming meetings and forums.  We're very thankful to Muskegon County and MATS for having us out for this important meeting.  Please do your part to stay informed and active in the future of this process.  It's good for all of us to have a healthy public transit system.


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