Short video clip of Mona Shores High School Marching Band Matchathon 2021

Muskegon Street Performers lined up Western Ave in Downtown Muskegon 8/6/21 with musicians, magicians, dancers, artists, here's a highlight video courtesy of David Loring Video Production

Documentary | 2021 | Dog-sledding is more than just a sport, it's a bond that lasts a lifetime. Join director Robert Michael as he venture back to where it all started for him, in Michigan, as he explore the bonds that are built between humankind and canine, and experience the love and connection behind the sport.

2021 Spring Lake High School Graduation Ceremony,
Spring Lake, Michigan, USA.

2021 North Muskegon High School Graduation Ceremony,
North Muskegon, Michigan, USA.

Previously Live May 31st 8:05 PM. Reeths-Puffer High School, Muskegon, Michigan, USA.

Mona Shores High School Choir Presents - The 49th Annual Pop Go The Sailors
The first "Pop Go The Sailors" was presented in 1973, started by Mr Skip Frizzell, choir director at that time. Each show since 1983 has been based on one theme, for example 2017 - 'Staches & Lashes, 2018 - That's Entertainment, 2019 20th Century, 2020 - Stay Home, and now in 2021, MIXTAPE. Senior walk off is also included at the end of the performance.

Previously Live June 4th 6:30 PM. Fruitport High School, Michigan, USA.

Reeths-Puffer High School Choir Presents - The 25th Anniversary POPS Concert
It has been over a year since The Reeths-Puffer Choirs have performed on their stage together. It’s been a long road, but their choirs are so excited to be back on their home stage singing for their parents, peers, and loved one.

Oakridge High School Drama Club Musical
Performance of 4/30/21, Muskegon, Michigan

Understanding Human Trafficking #DoSomethingLHTTF
Education is power. Educate our youth on human trafficking, victims will be  prevented, the demand will decrease, people will make wiser choices, and those who have been exploited will get the help they so desperately need. 

Mercy Health Muskegon and Public Health – Muskegon County hosted a discussion to update media and business leaders on the community’s COVID-19 response.

Showcasing the multiple levels of talent found in the Reeths-Puffer School's Music Department.  You will find a variety of entertaining songs here.  Some will tough your heart, others will tickle your funny bone, because, let's be honest..out of everything we all need for Christmas, a little holiday cheer is right up there at the top of the list.

"The Orchard View Show Choir did the "Zoom thing" and they mastered it.  It's as good as you've seen on any of the networks by producers who make a lot more than anyone in schools and the idea behind it all, is to give our local kids a chance to shine, when it seemed that all might be lost to a year that's taken more than it's deserved!"

"Looking back over the past 10 years was not only fun and rewarding, but it was touching and heartwarming too. Seeing choir students from the past, always singing their hearts out for Muskegon and beyond, was simply wonderful. In the end, we did our best to include here some “fan and student favorites” with the idea of also doing our best to create a balanced and entertaining show. We knew too that we wanted to include at least a few things from this year’s choir, We decided on three auditioned specialty acts and felt including our entire choir, singing our classic “Siyahamba,” would also be most appropriate. "

On Monday, Dec. 7, the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce hosted a discussion with local health officials to update media on the community’s COVID-19 response. During the media briefing the Chamber will also share details about the “1000 Ways to take Stock or Stockings in Muskegon” campaign, which is a new program supporting the county’s nurses and frontline healthcare workers over the holidays.

2020 is a little "different'.  We are all making do with what we have.  It's not been an easy year by any stretch of the imagination for anyone.  We know this though.  This is Muskegon and if you look back over the last block of about 50 years, one thing has proven true time and time again.  We are the one community in all of West Michigan that is better at circling the wagons than anyone.  We are the one community in West Michigan that's better at rolling with the punches than anyone and we are the one community in West Michigan who's ability to be as one when the time's beyond compare.

Take a short virtual history tour of the beautiful, 90 years old Frauenthal Center in Muskegon, Michigan. Take a look at Paul Shlossman and C. Howard Crane's vision for a Spanish Castle.

Hope Project USA is the front line for victims of human sex trafficking in West Michigan, learn more or donate at, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Text 231-750-7250 for a donation envelope.

YEP is the acronym for Youth Empowerment Program that is a part of Community Encompass of Muskegon and is run by Charlotte Johnson and has been for years.  The program exists to provide a space for teens to develop self-esteem, social skills and leadership talents and to introduce them to new experiences and opportunities.

Reeths-Puffer Public Schools Graduation 2020, Michigan. Courtesy of O'Riley Media Group and David Loring Video Production

North Muskegon Public Schools Graduation 2020, Michigan. Courtesy of O'Riley Media Group and David Loring Video Production

Fruitport Community Schools Graduation 2020, Michigan. Courtesy of MuskegonChannel, O'Riley Media Group and David Loring Video Production


45 years is a long time to be there for anything, and when it comes to 45 years for an essential service that's also a non profit that provides help for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking it's a true statement about the leadership and passion behind the mission of the organization.  2020 marks just that milestone for Every Woman's Place of Muskegon.  

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It's an exciting event for us!!  We were honored to be asked a couple years ago to be the first ever to show the Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree, live from the Frauenthal Center as it happened and as this year has unfolded, and left us all wondering what was next for some of our favorite events and school functions, when Shores asked if we'd be interested in debuting the Spring show too, we didn't even blink before we said "How do we help?"

   Snappy headline right?  Nothing better than hearing news that's not only helpful, it won't cost you a penny to make best use of it and it's a service that's available 24/7 and it's available in parts of Muskegon that you couldn't get it any other way!  The Muskegon Area District Library has high speed free Wi-Fi available for use at all 10 of their countywide locations and you can access it from your car, maybe a nice bench on the outside of the building or in some cases, the signal is so strong, you can pick it up down the street! 

We have colcluded our weekly update with Public Health Muskegon County .
This page will be reactived if the need arise.
Stay Safe

Virtual Ride Along
Duck Lake State Park to Muskegon State Park via Scenic Drive
Muskegon Co. Michigan, USA

On May 5th voters in the Muskegon are going to be asked to vote on essential maintenance and upgrades for their buildings as well as their academics.  It's a two part bond proposal.  Proposal 1 if passed will generate $93 million for the schools with no tax increase.  Proposal 2 if passed will increase the average homeowners tax an average of $20-$60 bucks and focus on arts, athletics and infrastructure.  Proposal 2 is a 1 mil increase and will generate $11 million.  The state has made it possible for all voters to vote absentee due to current conditions.  There has never been an easier way to help support the schools.