YEP is the acronym for Youth Empowerment Program that is a part of Community Encompass of Muskegon and is run by Charlotte Johnson and has been for years.  The program exists to provide a space for teens to develop self-esteem, social skills and leadership talents and to introduce them to new experiences and opportunities.

Reeths-Puffer Public Schools Graduation 2020, Michigan. Courtesy of O'Riley Media Group and David Loring Video Production

North Muskegon Public Schools Graduation 2020, Michigan. Courtesy of O'Riley Media Group and David Loring Video Production

Fruitport Community Schools Graduation 2020, Michigan. Courtesy of MuskegonChannel, O'Riley Media Group and David Loring Video Production


45 years is a long time to be there for anything, and when it comes to 45 years for an essential service that's also a non profit that provides help for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking it's a true statement about the leadership and passion behind the mission of the organization.  2020 marks just that milestone for Every Woman's Place of Muskegon.  

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It's an exciting event for us!!  We were honored to be asked a couple years ago to be the first ever to show the Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree, live from the Frauenthal Center as it happened and as this year has unfolded, and left us all wondering what was next for some of our favorite events and school functions, when Shores asked if we'd be interested in debuting the Spring show too, we didn't even blink before we said "How do we help?"

   Snappy headline right?  Nothing better than hearing news that's not only helpful, it won't cost you a penny to make best use of it and it's a service that's available 24/7 and it's available in parts of Muskegon that you couldn't get it any other way!  The Muskegon Area District Library has high speed free Wi-Fi available for use at all 10 of their countywide locations and you can access it from your car, maybe a nice bench on the outside of the building or in some cases, the signal is so strong, you can pick it up down the street! 

Public Health Muskegon County COVID-19 Information Update
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Virtual Ride Along
Duck Lake State Park to Muskegon State Park via Scenic Drive
Muskegon Co. Michigan, USA

On May 5th voters in the Muskegon are going to be asked to vote on essential maintenance and upgrades for their buildings as well as their academics.  It's a two part bond proposal.  Proposal 1 if passed will generate $93 million for the schools with no tax increase.  Proposal 2 if passed will increase the average homeowners tax an average of $20-$60 bucks and focus on arts, athletics and infrastructure.  Proposal 2 is a 1 mil increase and will generate $11 million.  The state has made it possible for all voters to vote absentee due to current conditions.  There has never been an easier way to help support the schools.

Virtual Bike Ride of the Beachwood - Bluffton Area, Pere Marquette & Muskegon Light Houses.
For working, working out at home or your amusement.
Muskegon, Michigan

Virtual bike ride for your amusement, working, or working out from home.
Roosevelt Park, Michigan (30 Minutes) - also available on our ROKU or Amazon Fire TV channels.

Kathy Moore - Director of Public Health Muskegon County joins Andy O'Riley to talk about Covid 19 in the county. The Numbers, the importance of staying home. Testing, Why testing doesn't change treatment and how to be safe if you are an essential worker.

March 27 Mercy Health Muskegon Announcement

March 27 Public Health Muskegon County Announcement

 March 23rd 2020 Muskegon County Officials announced that the first confirmed case of Covid 19 was discovered in Muskegon County. 

 On Wednesday at the Sturrus Center in Downtown Muskegon, a presentation was made to talk about the different options for the future of the Muskegon Area Transit System and how it can be better shaped to work within the budget it's has, which currently, it tends to go over with some regularity.