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Hunter Johnsen, a Millwright Apprentice with Local 1102, shares his journey and insights into the trade. The career tech center played a crucial role in his career choice, teaching him essential skills like blueprint reading and machining. Millwrights handle maintenance, repairs, and installations in various plants, requiring precision alignment and attention to safety. Hunter's passion for tinkering and hands-on work led him to this path. The apprenticeship program involves classroom sessions every other month and on-the-job training, offering paid learning opportunities. Safety remains the biggest challenge, emphasizing constant awareness and coordination in dynamic environments. Remembering numerous parts and the value of mentorship are also highlighted. Hunter's advice for students: stay focused, don't sweat the small stuff, and keep moving towards your goals. Overall, his story showcases the rewarding challenges and valuable skills involved in millwrighting.

The Rotary Club of Muskegon highlights this program as a way to inspire individuals to consider their own contributions to the community. Muskegon Vocational Spotlight series, produced by Rotary Club Of Muskegon, learn more at

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