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This interview introduces Contessa Alexander, the Development Analyst for the City of Muskegon, Michigan. As a member of the Muskegon Rotary Club, she embodies the club's mission of creating lasting positive change. Her background in community development fuels her dedication to improving the local economy.

Contessa's journey to her current role started with earning a bachelor's degree in community development from Central Michigan University. Returning to Muskegon after living elsewhere, she actively embraced the community by joining organizations like Rotary and participating in leadership training. These connections proved pivotal when she landed her position at the City, demonstrating the importance of networking.

Challenges exist, Contessa acknowledges. Navigating diverse opinions and adapting to a new role require both patience and flexibility. Nonetheless, her passion for her work shines through. Helping businesses grow and revitalizing brownfields are central to her vision of a thriving Muskegon. She finds particular interest in brownfield redevelopment, seeing it as a way to not only generate revenue but also beautify the community.

As a Black woman in her field, Contessa recognizes the lack of diversity. Seeing herself as a role model, she actively engages with students and communities, highlighting the possibilities within economic development. Her courage to be on camera and share her story opens doors for future generations.

For aspiring economic developers, Contessa's advice focuses on local engagement. Learning about the government, building confidence, and actively networking within committees and boards are key steps. By becoming familiar with their community and building relationships, students can pave their own paths to contributing to Muskegon's future.

This interview is not just about Contessa's career; it's about her dedication to her community. Her work and her voice exemplify the power of individual action in creating lasting positive change.

Muskegon Vocational Spotlight series, produced by Rotary Club Of Muskegon, learn more at

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