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Kelvin, a recent graduate from Mona Shores High School, shares his journey into the world of automotive technology. Now working as an Express Service Technician at Betten Baker Honda, Kelvin's passion for cars started early, fueled by his father's work and a friend's experience. He took advantage of the Muskegon Promise to pursue his Associate's degree at Muskegon Community College, gaining valuable skills and certifications along the way.

Kelvin finds the most interesting aspect of his job to be observing the experienced technicians, constantly learning from their expertise. He emphasizes the importance of consistency and quality work, ensuring customer satisfaction while upholding Betten Baker's high standards.

Kelvin recognizes the impact of preventative car maintenance on community safety and takes pride in his role in keeping Hondas on the road and in good condition. He believes that building trust and delivering excellent service are key ways he contributes to the community.

For aspiring young mechanics, Kelvin offers valuable advice. He encourages exploration of the field through job opportunities and hands-on experience, emphasizing that even basic knowledge can be a stepping stone to success. He assures that apprenticeships and training are available, and even resources like YouTube videos can be helpful tools. His message is clear: if you're interested, dive in and take the first step!

Through Kelvin's story, we see the value of passion, education, and dedication in building a rewarding career while contributing to the community.

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